Grow Your Startup Whilst Keeping Costs Low with Our Fractional CMO Program

How do you grow your company before you have big budgets? We have ALL the answers, because we’ve been doing it for over a decade. Imagine a streamlined approach, where you can tap into expert guidance, cut costs, and efficiently manage your marketing efforts with minimal time investment. Welcome to the GrowthExpertz “Done-With-You” Fractional CMO Program – your pathway to optimized marketing success without breaking the bank.

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What Our Fractional CMO Program Provides Your Startup

Learn directly from our CEO.

Meet your new Fractional CMO, Andrew Lee Miller, also known as @AndrewStartups is the founder and CEO of GrowthExpertz and has advised over 100 startups worldwide, driven 5 exits, written a book and spoken all over the world about early-stage startup growth. In this program you’ll get direct access to Andrew, and much more..

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Founders Love Our Fractional CMO Program Because It Works!

What We’ll Focus Our Fractional CMO Leadership On

  1. Marketing Product Development

    GrowthExpertz will first assist with showing your company how to build a marketing strategy into the product, where to push users to bring other users, import contacts, review your business, refer others and drive social growth. This works for B2B and B2C startups and is very important before you launch.

  2. Marketing Design

    Designing a product with marketing in mind is vital to the virality of your startup. In this phase, GrowthExpertz will work directly with the TechAhead team and your company to ensure that the product is being designed for optimal marketing.

  3. Marketing Messaging Development

    Next GrowthExpertz will create and optimize all of the Marketing messaging for your company including but not limited to:

    • Content Creation
    • Copywriting
    • Keyword research
    • Emails, notifications, in-app messaging & more.
  4. Going To Market (Launch Planning)

    This is GrowthExpertz’s speciality and in this phase, he will develop a GTM plan for your company that will include the most important unpaid and paid growth channels, based on his 17+ years of experience. Including:

    • Developing the strategy
    • Training the team on best practices for execution.
    • Teaching growth hacking secrets from previous exits.
    • Data Analysis
    • Campaign Management
    • Making changes based on results.
  5. Scaling Post Launch

    In this phase we will analyze what’s worked best from our launch marketing tests and scale up to meet the company’s growth goals.

  6. Focusing on Fundraising

    Once we’ve launched and scaled successfully, it’s time to show that traction to investors. GrowthExpertz will help the company get in front of the correct investors, join them on the pitch and help them close the deal.

    GrowthExpertz will share our 250+ VC contacts and begin making intros to the investors that the company needs to speak too.

What’s Included in GrowthExpertz Fractional CMO Program?

Each company we work with follows a Fractional CMO Leadership plan that we create, just for you. Each weekly private strategy session has a formal agenda, yet there’s lots of flexibility within the structure—you “drive” where we focus. 

Curious to see what that looks like in practice? Here’s a redacted sample plan of attack for your first 6 months. (Of course, your agendas will be customized to you; this is just a rough plan)


You’ll get direct access to our team via Slack , so you can call or text any time if you’re having any questions, we’ll be there every step of the way. You’ll also get:

  • Weekly Private Marketing Strategy Calls With Andrew Lee Miller
  • A Full Time Digital Marketing Apprentice Trained & Managed By Us
  • Lifetime Access to 50+ Marketing Training Videos, Workbooks.
  • A copy of Andrew’s The Startup Growth Book for Your Whole Team
  • Hundreds of Tool Recommendations, Templates, CheatSheets, Intros & More.
  • “The Fractional CMOs at GrowthExpertz have a seasoned, and cost-friendly approach to marketing that is unlike any I’ve ever seen. In the first quarter, they drove more profound change and forward momentum than we would have seen on our own in a decade.”

    Karim Sadik

    Founder & CEO of Tripple App

  • We’ll Reduce Your Marketing Time Investment To <5 Hours/Week

    We’re dedicated to making life easier for founders—and this program is our favourite way to do that. If you work with us you can plan on spending only 2-3 hours a week on Marketing for the next 6-18 months.

    Having a Fractional CMO will add time to your schedule, but most, if not all, of your CMO Leadership “homework” will be handled by your new marketing team member that we’ll help you hire (at no extra cost!)

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    Your Total Marketing Investment Will Be Just $5,000/month!

    Yes, it’s true. We will cover every single marketing channel you need, and do it with a lean startup, growth hacking mindset that will not require further investment until we have data that channels are producing ROI for you!

    After we finalize your marketing and growth foundation, Andrew will help teach your team how to execute Public Relations, Search Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, App Store Marketing and more.

    The only things you’d need more money for are hiring more staff, paid advertising, or any other design or development you’d want to do.

    Frequently asked questions

    Basic questions that users commonly ask about our services.

    Book a Call With Our Team

    Yes, for all 2024, all 1-1 Fractional CMO Program clients work directly with Andrew and are managed by other GrowthExpertz team members. You’ll meet with Andrew every week and be led by his experience.

    Yes, the more the merrier, but only people legally working for your company, no others.

    Nope, this Fractional CMO Program is designed to help people pre-product, all the way to already achieving millions in revenue. It’s not about your business size, it’s about the stage of marketing and the cost you’re ready to invest in marketing..

    Through 2024, this program is just $5500/mo including everything you need to scale.

    We take ACH transfers and Stripe payments.

    We guarantee that we will get your marketing off the ground, train your team, finalize your product and messaging and scale your growth. We can’t guarantee results and how the market will respond to your company, but we can get you the eyes and ears!

    Absolutely, we’ve coached startups from Norway to Egypt and back!

    We move very quickly, and plan to show you results in month 1! We only need 3-5 business days to get started with a 90 min kickoff call, once the first payment is made.

    We do offer yearly group coaching at a discounted rate as well. Please email to learn more about group coaching programs.