Hyper-Growth Startups

Companies who’ve raised either a Seed or Series A round. These companies are often experiencing rapid growth and as a result, they’re focusing on an array of other initiatives: fundraising, team-building, etc. While the company addresses other concerns, we handle all growth marketing: identifying, creating, launching and optimizing their current growth marketing channels and overall infrastructure.

Corporate Incubators

Large to mid-size corporations who want to implement lean startup techniques and new-age growth marketing practices. These companies are often established with access to capital, facilities, etc, but what are missing the startup mindset and the technical know-how needed to bring their company into the new-age. This also includes corporations are developing and incubating new products within internal labs, incubators and accelerators. 

Startup Organization

This includes accelerator programs, incubator programs and co-working spaces. In short, organizations which were created to develop and grow startups. Growthexpertz provides expertise to these organizations, using our real-world experience to assist organization/program participants. On the organization side, we assist with programming and on the participant side we assist with discounted services.