Our Recruitment Process

How We Help Startups Build Their Teams

Understand Your Team Dynamics

Phase 1

We start with an in-depth analysis of your startup’s culture, values, and the roles that need filling. Understanding the existing dynamics and the gaps in your team is crucial. This helps us tailor our search to find not just the best talent, but the right fit for your unique environment.

  • Cultural Fit Analysis
  • Role Requirement Gathering
  • Team Dynamics Assessment
  • Skill Gap Analysis
recruitment 1

Strategize Your Talent Search


With a clear understanding of your team, we craft a strategic plan for talent acquisition. This involves setting criteria for selection, choosing the right sourcing channels, and defining the process for engaging and assessing candidates.

  • Define Recruitment Strategy
  • Select Talent Sourcing Channels
  • Develop Candidate Engagement Plan
  • Establish Assessment Criteria

Execute the Talent Acquisition

Phase 3

During the execution phase, we launch the search, tap into our networks, and headhunt the best candidates. We manage the end-to-end process from initial contact to conducting interviews, ensuring every candidate is thoroughly vetted.

  • Active Talent Search
  • Conduct Initial Screening
  • Perform In-depth Interviews
  • Assess Cultural and Technical Fit

Onboard and Integrate

Phase 4

After successful placement, we don’t just stop there. We assist with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth integration of new hires into your startup, setting the stage for high performance and team synergy.

  • Facilitate Onboarding Process
  • Support New Hire Integration
  • Monitor Early-stage Performance
  • Provide Continuous Support for Talent Retention

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