About Us

GrowthExpertz is a leading Digital Marketing agency founded in 2016 to help early-stage and growth stage startup founders figure out marketing fast.
Unlike traditional agencies that charge on a per channel basis, we simplify startup marketing with robust stage-based packaging to provide a holistic approach to growing tech startups.
Founded by Silicon Valley Startup Marketing Expert Andrew Lee Miller after his 3rd startup exit, GrowthExpertz is a one-stop-shop for launch, growth and scale for companies ranging from PropTech to Online Dating.
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We’re an industry agnostic startup marketing agency and only care about one thing, getting you the growth metrics you need to continue scaling your business.

GrowthExpertz is an agency born out of frustration with the fact that 90% of startups fail, and even 50% of funded startups fail.

We want to change that, and we’re proud to say that since 2016 we have had a more than 75% success rate with our clients not just surviving, but thriving to 8 and 9 figure valuations and exits.

We are expertz at ,

  • User Acquisition
  • Product Optimization
  • Strategy Development
  • Growth Hacking

How We Can Help Scale Your Startup

Growth Marketing Consulting

If you’re a recently funded startup that still hasn’t figured out how to scale each of the most important channels, or worse, still haven’t identified the channels you need to scale we need to talk immediately.

We can remove the worry and frustration around growth and start launching your GTM in a few short weeks.
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Done With You Coaching

How do you grow your company before you have big budgets? Imagine a streamlined approach where you can tap into expert guidance, cut costs, and efficiently manage your marketing efforts.

Welcome to the GrowthExpertz "Done-With-You" Marketing Coaching Program – your pathway to optimized marketing success without breaking the bank.
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Marketing Trainings & Workshops

Whether your hiring a new team (we can help with that too!) or you want to just inject some new energy and skillsets into an existing team, our Expertz can provide incredibly powerful virtual and in person workshops on lean startup principles, growth hacking mindset, how to do PR, SEO, SMM, Paid Advertising and more. Learn more about our training modules by booking a meeting.
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