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We’re seasoned industry vets with multiple exits, top-tier marketing solutions, high-performance sales solutions and a dozen or so rounds raised. We know how to handle those crazy, stressful, hyper-growth startup situations. Nowadays we focus on consulting remotely for companies we love.

Think of us as your badass in-house remote growth team. You don’t outsource to us. We work with you 24/7 to grow your startup while you handle everything else!

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About Us

We are a global team of startups experts with 50+ collective years of experience in marketing, sales, branding and growth (with 4 exits). Unlike traditional agency models, every year we select a few purpose-driven organizations and work collectively towards their success.

This means that we work with you as a team, not for you as a client. Think of us as a group of interim CMOs for innovative corporations and high-growth startups. We join, research, conceptualize, pitch, plan, test and scale every marketing/sales channel. Our goal is to handle all aspects of growth during your most stressful times.

Go focus on research and development, managing your team and capital requirements. We’ll provide the marketing and sales solutions: handling launch, testing and scaling your paid and unpaid growth channels. Plus, when the time is right, we’ll help source and hire your staff for a seamless transition.

We’re a seasoned group of industry veterans who’ve worked collectively on various projects and enjoyed it so much that we formed a company together. Our team is global, remote and high-performing with experts in innovative marketing, sales, operations, branding, and strategy.

This includes: Facebook Advertising gurus who’ve run multi-million dollar campaigns, SEO mavens that have optimized world-renowned e-commerce sites, product marketing hackers that have gotten millions of organic app installs, B2B SaaS savants that build ROI crushing Lead Generation and a branding geniuses who've worked with over 100's of brands.
The bottom line is this — work with GrowthExpertz and you’ll get instant access to a team of world-class startup marketing and sales veterans, for the price of a single Marketing Manager.

GrowthExpertz works directly with two tiers of clients, the first is a small subset of early-stage startup companies who’ve raised capital and need expedited growth. The second is corporations who are seeking lean and innovative growth tactics. As your in-house remote team, we develop and execute the marketing and sales solutions you need.

In short, we are the one-stop-shop for companies that need to conceptualize, launch and scale new marketing channels efficiently and effectively during high-growth phases of their business. We focus on growth so you can focus on other organizational necessities and once the time comes, we’ll help source, hire and train your new team members.

Getting the job done is a multi-step endeavor that demands two major components. Team, as mentioned previously; we’ve assembled some of the most badass individuals in their respective growth hacking fields to join our team, this expertise is critical when it comes to solving difficult issues.

The second aspect is the process, there is no quick and easy fix for any solution. We understand that sustainable solutions stem from a combination of expertise and process. We leverage lean-startup methodologies to develop, test and execute growth experiments. Our process in combination with our expertise allows us to get the job done.

Skydiving, Salsa Dancing, Watching Game of Thrones…. Everyone has that one thing that they can’t live without, for us, it’s achieving hyper-growth.

Our team eats, sleeps and breathes creativity, engineering, research, and pure hustle. We've all been there before, founders, VPs, or early hires at companies who need growth. We understand the pain points and the importance of having a reliable team that can be trusted to execute.

Meet The Expertz?

Meet some of our badass experts who will work to take your company to the next level!

Andrew Lee Miller

Startup Marketing Expert

Andrew Lee Miller

Fabian Geyrhalter

Branding and Design Expert

Fabian Geyrhalter

Onur Kutlu Gago

SaaS Growth Expert

Onur Kutlu Gago

Yaron Sagi (MBA)

UX and UI Expert

Yaron Sagi (MBA)

Monish Datta

Fundraising Expert

Monish Datta

Jeff Orr

MVP Development Expert

Jeff Orr

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    GrowthExpertz is a remote team of Startup Marketing veterans with over 50+ years of collective experience. We focus on launching, scaling and optimizing growth and marketing campaigns for select early-stage startups after they raise capital. The company is based in San Francisco, California but our team is remote around the world.